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Sang Mendy - Head Coach


St. Augustine’s Senior Secondary school, Great Alliance FC, New Castle FC in Brufut, Brufut United, Watford FC in the Gambia.


Team captain for St. Augustine’s Junior Team , Great Alliance, New Castle FC.


Most outstanding junior player award in St. Augustine’s, won series of trophies with Great Alliance, New Castle and Watford.

Coaching Experience:

Sang Mendy like any other Gambian or African child has grown with great talents and has the ambition of playing professional soccer. He was on the verge of realizing his dreams as his soccer skills has earned him admiration and trust in all teams he played for thus making him captain and a team leader.

During his school days impressed some divisional teams like starlight then in the first division and hawks FC both in the capital City of The Gambia. The village boy who despite his skills and leadership qualities could not make it to the neither the second division nor the first as he could not afford transport fares to and from the respective training grounds.

Feeling desperate and abandoned Mendy thought he could realized his ambitions with a local academy set up in 1996 but even with this he was better a coach than a player then his trainer recommended him to take up coaching which he tried in 1998 when he was still playing active soccer. Mendy on the same year had his first coaching batch locally and he continued coaching in the academy and other local leagues as well as play soccer where he achieve success with some of these teams notably Great Alliance FC and New Castle of Brufut.

The man really took up serious coaching in 2003 when he was part of the coaches to be train on youth football by the founders of Gilkock football academy a local soccer academy at his home village. He was then recommended to continue coaching as it could be his future carrier. That same year, Sang had his first international coaching certificate under FIFA.  In 2005 he also had a national intermediate soccer coaching certificate whilst in 2007 he backed his intermediate certificate under FIFA. In the same year he was part of 30 coaches trained by a group of Swedish coaches on youth soccer.

Sang is not only a coach but a trained and qualified Secondary teacher who hold a Higher Teaches Certificate for the Gambia College, a diploma in Mass Communication and is currently pursuing his Advance Diploma in Mass Communication. These and other refresher coaching clinic has fully prepared him to take up the HEAD COACH POSITION IN GILKOCK FOOTBALL  ACADEMY.

With all these qualifications and qualities Sang still needs further training both home and abroad to better equip him with more knowledge in football such as sports psychology, sports science, marketing and more technical and tactical training. well as other coaches in Gilkock Football Academy.

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