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Gilkock Football Academy, Brufut Branch

Working to develop West African football

Our Objectives

To ensure that youths in and around Brufut are exposed to football technical training at an early age.

To ensure that sports, especially football, is accessible to children of Brufut.

To give the children of Brufut the spirit of self-confidence, courage, creativity, tolerance, sportsmanship and individual or collective responsibility.

To use sport to bring children of different cultural, social and religious or tribal background together.

To produce quality football players for the national and international leagues as well as the Gambian national team.

Future Plans

As of now the Academy is a feeder body to some Third Division teams in the country such as Sanementerng.

The long term aims are to limit the number of street children, produce sound minded Gambians to serve in the socio-economic development of the Gambia.

They aim to be able to produce a standing Third Division team to compete in the national league and provide players to the national team.

They also aim to be a professional body producing players for clubs in other parts of Africa and even Europe.

Activities & Practices

- Providing basic technique training.

- Theory and practical training sessions.

- Involvement in annual football competitions

- Organizing annual awareness campaigns for health related issues such as HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol abuse, child abuse, unwanted pregnancy and sex.

- Organizing Socio-cultural camps to help the children to accept and adopt their cultures.

- Showing films on the above mentioned areas as a method of teaching and training.

Academy Funding

As a Non-Government Organization (NGO), the Academy is a non-profit making body that is geared towards helping young Gambians attain their desire for sports.

At the beginning each player pays a registration fee of 50 Dalasi and then a monthly fee of 5 Dalasi.

The Academy also ventures into fund raising activities such as Cultural Shows and Football Camps etc.

Any money raised is put directly into the Academy to buy materials required.

Notwithstanding the coaches put together funds to help the most needy students who can't afford their fees.

There is no established funding partner at this time.


There is limited financial support to help with growth, including the development of a new football pitch.

Materials such as Footballs, cones, markers, bibs, jerseys, boots and socks and in high demand. Well trained coaches to offer standard coaching to the variety of age groups are hard to come by and to hold onto.

There is no office for the Academy to work it's own administration from, along with little communication such as, telephones and fax.

The academy is in need of electronic equipment such as computers, with internet and email access. As part of the real struggle for recognition and the ability to get worldwide coverage.  They currently share facilities with a school in the village of Brufut.