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Gilkock Football Academy, Brufut Branch

Working to develop West African football


Donations are warmly welcomed at the Academy with a number of visiting tourists giving generously...

In recent months there have been donations of a selection of football kits and balls from representatives of FOTGA (Friends Of The Gambia Association) brought from the UK.  

These kind donations mean the world to the players and coaches.  It's hard to comprehend how much of a difference they can make for improving the quality of football at Gilkock.

Here are a selection of people who are helping to make a difference...

Iain Kitchen's donations to the Academy, below are pictures of the handing over ceremony of the football kits.

Jaap and Anna Bruyn, and friends from Holland, kindly donated a number of jerseys and football boots.

Carole, Ricky and Richard Lawrence from the UK, visited the Academy and Richard enjoyed taking part one of the training sessions.  They promise to do their bit for the Academy.

Pete, Lorraine, Debi & Greg Pickett from the UK, kindly donated some brand new footballs and Greg maintains the website for us

Donated Football Materials To Gilkock Brufut Branch Academy

Gilkock Football Academy Brufut Branch received football equipments from Allan Navado a Dennis national resident in the a Gambia.

In his opening remark, goal keepers trainer Mr. Alieu Sanneh express delight and thank the Allan for singling out the Brufut base academy for the gift. He noted that the gift will go a long way in the development of the interns on the academy.

On his part Abdoulie Jarawa, the Secetary General of the Brufut Youth and Sport Development Committee used the occasion to thank the donor on behalf of the committee and the entire community of Brufut. Abdoulie singled out the immense contribution the academy has brought to the Brufut in terms of football. He however, urge Allan to continue working with the academy in the near future

At The Presentation Ceremony

Advising the interns, Abdoulie challenge them to always listen to their coaches respect them and support them in their course of developing them into better players tomorrow. He continued by telling the interns how difficult it is to run institution like an academy for it requires patience, resources and managerial skills which according to him the committee has seen in the coaches of this particular academy. with regards to the materials Abdoulie urged the interns not to only seize the opportunity of just putting them on but must use them to work towards being professional in order to benefit themselves and the entire community of Brufut and beyond in the future.

Another Set of Jerseys

Allan Navado, the donor, explained how the materials were acquired and the reason why he singled out Brufut. ‘The materials were collected from two clubs in Denmark namely Valloe and Ballerup Idraesforening. Valloe donated six sets of jersey accompanied with shorts and socks whilst Ballerup donated balls, shoes and other football equipments’.  Allan continued by telling the audience that the reason why he singled out the Brufut base academy is twined to the level of seriousness he has seen in the academy noting he has worked with series of academies during his stay in the Gambia but the Brufut base Gilkock stands out of the rest as the most organized both administratively and in terms of training levels. He also urged the interns to remember to work in groups at all times.

Lamin .O. Ceesay an intern of the academy delivered the vote of thanks whilst the colorful ceremony was chaired by Sang Mendy, Secretary and Public Relations Officer and was attended by a cross section of the community of Brufut.

Rut and wife Annehe Assendelft of Heemstede in Holland

On Saturday March 8th 2008 they visited and donated two sets of football jersey to the Brufut base Gilkock Football Academy.  In his welcoming remark, Under 11 coach Ebrima Bojang express delight in receiving the guest and was quick to commend Ebrima Jatta alias E J for facilitating and bringing the couples to the academy.

Before handing over the materials to the academy Mr Rut who works with an amateur team in Holland acknowledge the good work he found in the academy. Rut continued to urge the coaches to keep up the momentum as they are in the right track in full filling their social obligation in the community of Brufut. ''Having seen the situation at which the academy is, I wish to contribute my quarter in couple of months time. This is just one out of many things I can do for you. When I am back in Holland, I will do some collection and probably in May or June you should be happy'' Rut told the players and caches. In conclusion Rut said he was impressed with the level of technique and tactical understanding in the interns.

Ebrima Eatta alias EJ who is the eye of the academy and facilitator of the gesture thanked rut and family and advice the players and coaches to take the materials with great care. In a piece of advice for the interns Jatta said ''when I was as young as most of you are, I was not blessed with such an opportunity but today you’re looking up to me. I'm sure with determination, commitment and discipline most of you should be better that me in the future''

The vote of thanks was delivered by Sang Mendy, Public Relations Officer and web developer. Present at the handing over ceremony were representatives of the village Sports Committee, players and coaches of the academy

Contribution to the Youths of Brufut – A Letter from the Admiral

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Europe and the USA,

The above named academy is a community based academy geared towards spotting and developing the raw talents of kids in and around Brufut.  Since its inception, the academy has registered significant strides in uplifting the name of Brufut in football but also faced with growing challenges ranging from finance to run the academy administratively to the materials to be used during training .

Being natives of Brufut, i deemed it necessary to write to you seeking for any form of assistance to keep the academy stronger and better than the state it is today. i am without doubt that with your collective intervention, the sky is the limit for the youths of Brufut. for more information about the academy log on to www.gilkock.com and to donate financially you can transfer to Trust Bank on account number 112 74586 01.

However forward this letter to any Brufutarian for their assistance

Yours Secretary/ PRO,

Sang Mendy