Gilkock Football Academy, Brufut Branch

Working to develop West African football

Karamo Fatty

Position: Full Back Right

Karamo is a late developer because he was late to join the academy but since he step his feet at the academy’s training ground and has acquainted himself with the boys ha realised he has something special that most players lack.

Karamo’s assets include good aerial combat, quick on the ball, very strong and dangerous in his own half, pacy, good cantering, powerful shots and above all a team player. His ability to man mark opponent as well as overlapping shows his competence as a full back player.

The assets mentioned made coaches believe that Karamo can play in more positions and thus sometimes used as midfielder or a winger. He is always willing to learn and has since promised to go the extra mile. He has not break through to any youth team yet but the boy really has the qualities many young stars like him don’t possess and has a great prospect in front of him.

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