Gilkock Football Academy









This month……

Following vigorous training for all categories of the Gilkock Brufut Branch, they conquered their opponent in the triangular inter academy football tournament organise in Banjul on the 16th September.
Witnessed by hundreds of football lovers the Brufut academy won eight (8) out of the 11 games played and drew the remaining three.
Describe by some of the coaches Gilkock Brufut Branch was more prepared technically and tactically that is why they dominated their opponents.
For his part Sang Mendy coach and also secretary of the said academy reveals that both the coaches and the players were destine to win in any competition they enter.
Addressing the players at the end of the games , Buba K Jallow, Alieu Sanneh and Boris Demba advise the boys to keep it up and maintain the discipline and be determine to reach the higher height