Gilkock Football Academy



March 2007


On Saturday 3rd March a batch of players from the Brufut Academy stormed the Independence Stadium to support their inspirational player Ebrima Jatta (pictured below) now with Hawks in the Confederation of Africa Football Cup Winners second round against Dulphins of Port Harcott in Nigeria.

Ebrima has been a player of the academy until late when he joined Hawks. Since joining Hawks, Ebrima has been the inspirational player that everyone in the academy looks up to.

Ebrima who was instrumental in the game again helped his team in the national league Super Cup tie on Friday 9th but went on to lose in the hands of the defending league champions Gambia Port Authority.  He is expected to travel with the team to Nigeria for the return leg of the CAF Cup Winners Cup.


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Jaap and Anna Bruyn of Lutjebroek in Holland (pictured below) donated three sets of jerseys and five pairs of football boots to Gilkock Football Academy at the academy's training ground on Sunday March 4th.

Handing over the materials to Boris Demba a coach in the academy, Anna and Jaap urges the players to be committed and be disciplined and promise to continue to help the academy in the future.

On his part Boris Demba thanked Jaap and Anna for their time and help, also promising that the materials will go a long way in the easy facilitating of the academy's training.

Also speaking at the handing over ceremony Sang Mendy who plays three roles as Secretary, Coach and also Public Relations Officer of the academy commended the donations and also urged other people to emulate Jaap and Anna. The vote of thanks was delivered by Hamang Barrow a nine year old player.


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