Gilkock Football Academy


August 2006


Gilkock to compete in Inter-Academy tournament






Teenagers of Gilkock about to conquer Brufut football


We are preparing the boys for an inter academy football tournament come 9th September at the capital city Banjul. The tournament would be in three categories of age 9-12, 12-14 and 14-16 respectively.

Currently we are training every day with the boys so as to fully prepare them for the battle come this day.


In the tournament each academy is expected to pay a commitment fee of 1000 Dalasi.




This was the headlines in the daily newspaper this morning (on Monday) after been watched by a sports journalist.


As I stated to you that the boys are destined to make it to higher heights in football we are doing everything humanly possible for them to be there one day and am very hopeful that some of them can make in the next two or three year.


On another development due to the wonderful performance of the boys in just three matches, one football academy in our neighboring Senegal arrived this morning for a friendly tomorrow Tuesday on three categories.


Well they requested and hope that one day we can also have the means to pay them a return visit but this depends on how strong we will be financially in the near future.


for the tournament we are in our next match is on Thursday and everyone is anticipating for the match because now all the boys are fully confident of themselves.