April 2007 Newsletter












On Saturday and Sunday April 20th and 21st, Gilkock football academy went to the streets of Brufut seeking for donations in preparations for their forth coming official launching of the website.A day observed by both players and coaches as a fun day where both the players and coaches were dancing in the streets.The outing which starts from the football field saw the academy dance round half of the village on Saturday and the other part on Sunday was described by many as a successful day in the calendar of the academy.





On Saturday April 28th was and will continue to be the unforgettable day for both Ebrima Jatta and the Brufut Branch, Gilkock Academy when Ebrima had his debut international game for the national under-20ís which have qualified for the FIFA World Youth Championship in Canada later this year.


Before the game Ebrima who was sounding confident in a telephone interview told me that he is very happy to be selected in the team and will do all he can to impress the Gambian crowd.


Ebrima started in central defense in place of the teams injured captain Ken Malamin Jammeh did extremely well in his position doing almost all the heading and the tackling for Mandou Bojang who was his partner in defense.According to most people who watched the game they summed up Ebrima's performance as wonderful considering the fact that he was just coming in the team for the first time.

However, towards the tail end of the second half Ebrima was substituted when he picked up a groin injury.


After the game, the icon of the Brufut academy hailed the academy for all the support they've been giving to him stating "I am proud and shall continue to be proud of you for your continuing support as anytime I have a game even in the national league the entire academy is behind me both in prayer and in support. so I thank you all."